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Quinn's family also received threats and was subjected to harassment.The message was always the same: If you mess with games, you'll regret it.In short, trolls are now causing havoc in the real world.Sarkeesian, who like Quinn declined to comment for this story, was forced to cancel a speech at a college campus after receiving an anonymous email from a supposed student threatening "the deadliest school shooting in American history." Brianna Wu, co-founder of indie game development studio Giant Spacekat, .Today, angry internet mobs routinely use the threat of rape, bombings and assassinations as a way to lay claim to whatever it is they think they're losing to what they describe as political correctness.And along they way, they've adopted new approaches that combine old-school write-in campaigns with internet terror efforts like publishing people's private information online, with the intent of bringing chaos and fear into their lives.Chemaly's team tracked attacks on Clinton as a woman, such as pasting her face into pornography and other sexist imagery, that had been used earlier in response to Sarkeesian and other social critics."To those of us familiar with Gamer Gate, it was more of the same," she said.

The stories in that series examined Internet-fueled intolerance."I always caution against thinking of Gamer Gate as an outlier event." Attack groups are as old as civilization and they form for all sorts of reasons, from economic hardship to racial friction to political and religious differences.Groups like the Ku Klux Klan usually formed around people's homes among like-minded friends.The fundraising window overlapped with the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo, the video game mega-marketing event held in Los Angeles each year. In the end, she'd raised more than 26 times what she asked for, tallying 8,922. An army of hateful trolls woke up, found each other online and launched a crusade of harassment, targeting not only Sarkeesian but anyone else who questioned their view of how the gaming world should be.

So why should you care that people on the internet got angry?After all, people on the internet are always mad about something.